Websockets with Rust and Actix Web

The Actix framework for rust is an actor based framework strictly following the actor pattern. REST APIs can be built simply and intuitively. One of the main reasons I chose it over rocket was, at the time, it runs on stable rust! The syntax is very easy to work with and will be familiar toContinue reading “Websockets with Rust and Actix Web”

Building debian packages

Debian packages (.deb files) are the packages installed by apt and apt-get in ubuntu. They can be installed manually using the dpkg command or hosted in a PPA as described here. Installing software You will need to have the following software installed on a Linux based system: build-essential software-properties-common devscripts debhelper Nice to haves: lintianContinue reading “Building debian packages”

Cross Compiling Rust for RPI4

I really enjoy writing Rust, I own a growing number of Raspberry PIs. The RPI4 is a big step forward in terms of hardware resources on the platform. It is however 64bit not 32 like its predecessors and requires a different tool chain for cross compilation. In this guide I will take you through theContinue reading “Cross Compiling Rust for RPI4”

Hosting a signed APT repository

Distributing code for Debian based distributions and derivatives through a PPA can be a little difficult. The following guide will break down the steps and try to explain what is going on. At a high level, you will need a GPG Keypair, somewhere to store the PPA, a machine to do the building and someContinue reading “Hosting a signed APT repository”

Building RPI 4 images from ubuntu 18.04

In this post I will be running through some of the steps needed to build custom images for Raspberry PI 4 boards. There are a number of steps along the way that took extra research and ended with some head scratching and wondering about how and why things were failing. Hopefully this guide can helpContinue reading “Building RPI 4 images from ubuntu 18.04”